6 Nations Rugby Draw Winner

March 2014

6 Nation Rugby Competition

The 6 Nations Rugby Competition was as close as ever with the competition being 
decided on the last game of the Championship, between France and Ireland.
An Ireland win scuppered the chances of many!!

managed to get all 15 results correct, but

when all the entries were marked, there emerged 20 people who correctly
predicted 14 correct results out of 15.

The 20 people were:-
Mervyn Townley (63 tries)
Gareth Oakley (58 tries)
Mike Clayden (53 tries)
Gavin Hawkey (51 tries)
Mike Knight (50 tries)
Kevin & Lewis Probert (49 tries)
Steve Madden (48 tries)
Billy & Lilla Scott (48 tries)
Sandra Howells (48 tries)
Linda Collier (46 tries)
K J Cook (46 tries)
Mark Walton (44 tries)
Sean Cook (44 tries)
Rhys Harper (43 tries)
Ian Morgan (43 tries)
Michael Summers (42 tries)
Wayne Norfolk (41 tries)
Barry Hewitt (40 tries)
 Jane Tabner (33 tries)
Nicole Reid (28 tries)
With 20 people correctly predicting 14 correct results the winner was determined by the Tie Break
Question (whoever got closest to the number of tries scored).

There were 61 tries in the tournament, so the winner of our competition was Mervyn Townley, who
guessed closest.

The Winning Ticket

Congratulations Mervyn, £100 is on its way!

We're not sure who sold the winning ticket, if it was you.... let us know!

Newport Cricket Club would like to thank everyone who took part in the competition.
The Club Raised £753, which will go towards the Junior Changing Room Project.
Thanks very much for your support.