Other Fixtures on the Ground 2018

Listed below are Other Fixtures that will be played
at Newport Cricket Club during 2018.
DateTeamAgainstSponsored ByType
24/04/2018Cardiff MCCULoughboroughFriendly (11.00am)
26/04/2018Wales 70+SomersetFriendly (1.00pm)
01/05/2018U14 GirlsFugitivesGeraint / Becky Thomas & FamilyMBS
04/05/2018U11CMalpasDave / Mike KnightMBS
06/05/2018Wales U11Trial MatchTrial (11.00 - 6.00pm)
06/05/2018Wales U12Trial MatchTrial (1.00 - 6.00pm)
07/05/2018Wales U12Trial MatchTrial (10.00 - 4.00pm)
07/05/2018Wales Minor CountiesCornwallT20 (x2 matches)
09/05/2018U11CRogerstoneRobert Brown & FamilyMBS
10/05/2018U14 GirlsChepstowMargaret / Trefor BrayMBS
14/05/2018Glamorgan CCC 2nd X1Sussex (SET)1 Day (11.00am)
15/05/2018Glamorgan CCC 2nd X1Sussex (SEC) 3 DaySEC Day 1 (11.00 - 6.30pm)
16/05/2018Glamorgan CCC 2nd X1Sussex (SEC) 3 DaySEC Day 2 : (11.00 - 6..30pm)
17/05/2018Glamorgan CCC 2nd X1Sussex (SEC) 3 DaySEC Day 3 : (10.30 - 6..00pm)
20/05/2018Gwent U10DevonFriendly (1.00pm)
22/05/2018Glamorgan CCC 2nd X1Somerset (SEC) 3 DaySEC Day 1 (11.00 - 6.30pm)
22/05/2018U14 GirlsMalpasUday Patel (Nash Road Stores)MBS
23/05/2018Glamorgan CCC 2nd X1Somerset (SEC) 3 DaySEC Day 2 : (11.00 - 6..30pm)
23/05/2018U11CFugitivesPhil StallardMBS
24/05/2018Glamorgan CCC 2nd X1Somerset (SEC) 3 DaySEC Day 3 : (10.30 - 6..00pm)
27/05/2018Wales LadiesSussexECB
27/05/2018Wales U13 GirlsStaffsECB (11am)
29/05/2018U14 GirlsFugitivesOwen / Jenny Thomas & FamilyMBS
30/05/2018U11CMalpasAndrew Chorley & FamilyMBS
31/05/2018Cardiff MCCUBristol Uni.BUSA 50 overs
01/06/2018Wales U15 GirlsDevonECB
03/06/2018Wales Minor CountiesWiltshire x2 matchesT20
04/06/2018Cardiff MCCUDurhamBUSA 50 overs
05/06/2018Junior Schools Kwik CricketBoys TournamentKwik Cricket (9.30am - 3.00pm)
05/06/2018U14 GirlsChepstowMBS
08/06/2018U11CRogerstoneUday Patel (Nash Road Stores)MBS
10/06/2018Wales U12GloucestershireFriendly (11.30pm)
12/06/2018Cardiff MCCUCambridgeBUSA 50 overs
12/06/2018Other EventsJuniors Sponsored 'Big Bash'(6.00 - 8.00pm)'Big Bash'
13/06/2018Junior Schools Kwik CricketGirls FestivalKwik Cricket (9.30am - 3.00pm)
15/06/2018Other EventsCorporate 6 A Side Day6 a Side Comp. (12.30 - 6,30pm)
18/06/2018U14 GirlsMalpasMerf & Sharon WaltersMBS
19/06/2018Other EventsJnr. Softball Matches & BBQ(6.00 - 8.30pm)BBQ
19/06/2018U11CFugitivesAndrew Chorley & FamilyMBS
24/06/2018Other EventsWomens Clubs T20 Finals DayECB (8 Teams)
26/06/2018U14 GirlsFugitivesDave / Mike KnightMBS
02/07/2018Glamorgan CCC 2nd X1Middlesex (SET)SET (50 overs) 11.00am
04/07/2018U11CRogerstoneMargaret / Trefor BrayMBS
05/07/2018Glamorgan CCC 1st X1Training DayTraining Day
08/07/2018Wales U12WorcesterFriendly (1.00pm)
09/07/2018Glamorgan CCC 2nd X1Gloucestershire T20T20
10/07/2018Other EventsJnr. End of Season BBQCoaching & BBQ
11/07/2018Wales U13California (1 Day)Friendly (12 noon)
12/07/2018Wales U13California (1 Day)Friendly (12 noon)
15/07/2018Gwent U11DevonFriendly (1.00pm)
17/07/2018U14 GirlsChepstowRobert Brown & FamilyMBS
18/07/2018Wales U11California (1 Day)Friendly (11.00am)
19/07/2018Wales U11California (1 Day)Friendly (11.00am)
19/07/2018U14 GirlsMalpasPhil StallardMBS
22/07/2018Other EventsWales v England Disability MatchesDisability International (10.00am)
24/07/2018Other EventsSummer Cricket Camp(10.00am - 3.30pm)Cricket Camp
25/07/2018Gwent U14Cardiff & ValeFriendly (11.00am)
25/07/2018Other EventsSummer Cricket Camp(10.00am - 3.30pm)Cricket Camp
26/07/2018Gwent U13GloucestershireFriendly (11.30pm)
29/07/2018Wales U14BucksECB (11.00am)
29/07/2018Wales U12MiddlesexFriendly (12 noon)
02/08/2018Wales U12St Stithians (S Africa) U12Friendly (2.00pm)
03/08/2018Wales U12St Stithians (S Africa) U12Friendly (11.00am)
05/08/2018Gwent U13HerefordFriendly (1.00pm)
09/08/2018U17 GirlsCornwallECB (12.30pm)
12/08/2018Wales U14LeicestershireECB (11.00am)
14/08/2018Wales U14Gloucestershire (2 Day)Friendly Day 1 (11.00am)
15/08/2018Wales U14Gloucestershire (2 Day)Friendly Day 2 (11.00am)
16/08/2018Other EventsSummer Cricket Camp(10.00am - 3.30pm)Cricket Camp
17/08/2018Other EventsSummer Cricket Camp(10.00am - 3.30pm)Cricket Camp
01/09/2018Other EventsDouble Wicket / Presentation EveningAll Players
16/09/2018Other EventsU19 T20 Finals DayT20 (SF & F) 10.00am - 7.00pm)