Other Fixtures on the Ground 2017

Listed below are Other Fixtures that will be played
at Newport Cricket Club during 2017.
DateTeamAgainstSponsored ByType
26/07/2017Other EventsNando's Family Fun Day & MatchFriendly
26/07/2017Other EventsMidweek X1 v Nando'sFriendly (5.30pm)
27/07/2017Wales U15StaffordshireECB (50 overs)
28/07/2017Other EventsAdmiral Family DayAdmiralAdmiral Family Day
28/07/2017Other EventsSummer Cricket CampU7 - U13 (10.00am - 3.30pm)
28/07/2017U19Mon. MenacesAshgrove GroundworksU19 Cup
30/07/2017Wales U12MiddlesexFriendly
31/07/2017U19MalpasAshgrove GroundworksU19 Cup
02/08/2017Wales U12California/London SchoolsFriendly
03/08/2017Other EventsCalifornia/London Schools U12 v St Stithians (S Africa) U12Friendly
04/08/2017Wales U12St Stithians (S Africa) U12Friendly
06/08/2017Wales U13London SchoolsFriendly
08/08/2017Wales U15tbaT20 ECB Festival
13/08/2017Gwent U12CarmarthenFriendly
14/08/2017Wales U14Middlesex2 Day
15/08/2017Wales U14Middlesex2 Day
16/08/2017Other Events2 Day Summer Cricket CampU7 - U13 (10am - 3.30pm)
17/08/2017Other Events2 Day Summer Cricket CampU7 - U13 (10am - 3.30pm)
22/08/2017Other EventsNewport X1 v Ansty (Sussex) TourTour Match (1pm)
23/08/2017Other EventsNando's 6 a Side DayNando's6 a Side Comp.
24/08/2017Other EventsSummer Camp (10.00am - 3.30pm)Summer Camp
29/08/2017Glamorgan CCC 2nd X1Somerset 2nd X1SEF (3 Day)
29/08/2017Wales U15 GirlstbaT20 Festival
30/08/2017Glamorgan CCC 2nd X1Somerset 2nd X1SEF (3 Day)
31/08/2017Glamorgan CCC 2nd X1Somerset 2nd X1SEF (3 Day)
15/09/2017Other EventsShaun Thompson Cricket DayCompany 6 a Side