Blooming Lovely ....... Not!!

April 2014

The Horticultural Department (Ray, Bryn & Merfyn) have been hard at work recently, rotavataing 
(by hand .... spade and trowel actually!) the grass verge that runs adjacent to the white picket fence 
in front of the clubhouse.

Having cleared the area of grass and weeds they now want to plant some nice flowers / plants..... 
This is where you can help!

Bring A Flower Party!
During the last week of April and the first 2 weeks of May, we are asking Parents / Friends / Supporters 
to donate a Flower / Plant (hardy Herbacious Plants and shrubs) to the cause. Just bring it along and
Ray / Bryn / Merfyn will do the rest ...... unless of course you want to plant it yourself!
We look forward to your support and seeing the final outcome.  A picture of course will be put on the web site!
Thank you.