Race Night - Runners & Riders

February 2013

The Race Winners and the Horse Owners were as follows:-
Race 1

1st:- Red Hot Pepper (Rose Evans)

Race 2

1st:- Nobbly Knees (Alex. Davies)

Race 3

1st:- Achilles Eel (Fred Wangler)

Race 4

1st:- News Boys (Pat Cronk)

Race 5

1st:- Russain Ahead (Gillian Morgan)

Race 6

1st:- Old Rope (Sheila Tudge)

Race 7

1st:- Bone Idle (Gareth Hughes)

Race 8

1st:- Under The Cosh (Haydn Davies)

Prizes won by The Horse Owners, that have not already been claimed, will be kept safe and distributed shortly.

Thanks again, to all who contributed to a great night last night. 

The Club Raised £570 Towards the Junior Changing Room Project