A Message From The Chairman

February 2013

Players, Parents & Supporters,

You will now be aware of the problems that the Club faces with the proposal by Newport City 
Council to close the Squash Court Building adjacent to the main pavilion at Spytty Park, as part
of the City Council’s spending cuts.

The closure of the building is a major concern to the Club, as it not only houses the changing
rooms used for all matches on the reserve team ground, but also the umpires rooms and the
main boiler which provides hot water to the showers in both the Squash Court and Pavilion
buildings. Put in simple terms, when the building closes we will be unable to play matches
on the two grounds at the same time and we won’t have any hot water for showers in either

Whilst the imminent closure of the Squash Court Building is a major body blow to the club, it 
also provides us with a unique opportunity – Newport City Council have agreed to explore the
idea that the Cricket Club can take over the Lease and maintenance of the building. Whilst this
would provide the answer to our prayers, it also comes at significant cost – the building is in a
poor state of repair – hence the decision to close it.

As part of a major project the Club is looking to finance the refurbishment of the changing room 
block which will secure our future at Spytty Park and provide high quality changing accommodation
for our 3rd & 4th Teams, Junior Boys and Girls teams, plus the new Newport Women’s team that
regularly use the reserve team ground. Costs are high, but we are hopeful of gaining a significant
grant. However, the club will need to raise £50,000 approx - 20% of the costs and a major fund
raising campaign will be required.

Players, Parents and Supporters of the club, all have to recognise that the Club faces a serious 
threat and that your support is vital to ensure that we are able to deal with it.

Support from local business for the project is crucial and we plan to promote several sponsorship
packages, which may be attractive to potential business sponsors. Contacting the right person at a
company usually provides a greater chance of success in gaining the Company’s support, so we are
trying to build up a data base of good contacts. 

At this stage we are asking for information only :-

Is there anyone at your place of work that Club officers can contact to talk about 
sponsorship..... all we need is a contact name/company and we’ll do the rest :-
If there is someone at your workplace, or you know of anyone who you think may be supportive to
our plea, please email :-

Dave/Mike Knight :- mike.knight2@ntlworld.com
Phil Stallard :- phillip.stallard@wales.gsi.gov.uk
Paul Morris :- paul­_morris11@hotmail.com
Those people directly involved in the Club strongly feel that we are associated with one of the best 
cricket clubs in the UK, we have over 300 people involved in the Club and as Chairman I ask you to think
about what you could do to help the Club to meet this challenge.

Other ways in which you could help is by :-
  • 1.  Use the Newport CC eStore to purchase your shopping orders online - 
    (See Shop Page – Newport CC eStore on the website)
  • 2.  Joining the Club’s 175 Club - only £1 per month. (see Fund Raising section on the website)
  • 3.  Find a £25 Match Ball Sponsorfor one of the Club’s Senior teams
  • 4.  Find a £10 Match Ball Sponsor for one of the Club’s Junior teams
  • 5.  Find a Banner Sponsor, or web-site sponsor (see Fund Raising section on the website)
Please make every effort in 2013 to help a Club which has served you well …..   

We need your help!
Thanks in anticipation of your support,

Paul Morris (Chairman)
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