Just Another Day At The Office!

April 2016

Just Another Day At The Office!

Dave:- I've told you before, I don't think we should travel to work in the 'copter.

Mike:- Yeh, I know but there was a lot of traffic on the road this morning, plus the fact we need to dry the wickets out for the weekend!

Dave:- To dry the ground out for the weekend will need more than a helicopter!!

Mike:- lock it up and let's get to work!

Dave:- The thing is .... You know what people are like over here they'll want one as well!

Mike:- Come on, hurry up, we've got a lot of work to do ..... Have you got the keys or me?

Dave:- Are you sure it's alright to park here.... Gracey won't be happy!

Mike:- Come on! No one will see it!

Dave:- What! .... It's in the middle of the *!!**@# cricket pitch!"

Mike:- Well, I told you we should have gone for the green coloured one! Come on!

Dave:- I know, but it's a bit late now. Do you think they'll change it?

Mike:- You were the one who wanted the helicopter, I wanted the jet!

Dave:- Come on .... you're being silly now!

Mike:- The thing is, if someone does see it, word might get round and the Development Team might want to use it for Away matches.

Dave:- Yeh .... I didn't think of that! I don't fancy driving it up those valleys!

Mike:- Where would you land it?

Dave:- Good point! Ok that's a good enough reason not to use it for matches!

Mike:- I'm still a bit worried about leaving it here, though! I think I'll take it back home .... I don't want anyone to see it!

Dave:- Yeh, They probably wouldn't believe us anyway!

Mike:- Right! I'm going!

Dave:- Ok! I'll see you back here in 5 minutes.

Mike:- I won't be that long!

Dave:- Oh! One more thing! ..... don't tell anybody about the 'copter, it's best left in the garage for now!

Mike:- Ok! Time to go .... see you in a few minutes.

Dave:- OK! .... Make sure you lock the garage door after you!