Queen's New Years Honours List 2021

January 2021

Newport Cricket Club had something extra to celebrate as the New Year (2021) was rung in, with the 
announcement that two of it's legends had been included in the Queen's New Years' Honours List.
Twins Mike and Dave Knight have been awarded British Empire Medals (BEM), for outstanding work 
for Newport Cricket Club.

Press Release.

'Cricket has always been a passion and we’ve always been proud to live in Newport.  So to 
dedicate a
lifetime representing Newport Cricket Club as players, coaches and administrators
has been something
that we’ve really enjoyed. We were fortunate that we joined a Club who
looked after us and treated us well
as young players, and we got to the stage when we
thought – we have to look after the Club now.
That time came when the Club’s Rodney Parade Cricket Ground was sold in 1988, the Club was 
left homeless
and penniless and very close to extinction. A group of us got together and made
a commitment, not to let
Newport Cricket Club die. In order to achieve that target, thirty odd
years ago we took on the running of the
Junior Cricket section. At that time, we only had
2 teams (U13 and U15’s). Thirty years on we’ve seen thousands
of children pass through the
Club and we now run 11 junior teams, including a Women and Girls section – one
of very few
Clubs in Wales who do that.
As teachers, we had an affinity to young people and wanted to give them good opportunities 
and to be
successful – successful in Cricket yes, but also in life in general. Some went on to
become professional
cricketers, most became better Cricketers, but we’d like to think that
all of them became better people – that
was important to us.
Through Cricket we’ve been able to bring great credit to the City in many different ways – Newport 
Cricket Club
teams have been UK Cup Winners 5 times (Boys, Girls & our Women’s team),
Individual players have played for
Wales and Glamorgan, we’ve developed an outstanding club,
including a fantastic Women and Girls section and we’ve instigated highly successful BAME 

A major achievement for us, along with a group of fantastic club volunteers, resulted in Glamorgan's
return to the City for a 4 Day County Championship match in 2019, against Gloucestershire.
Who would have thought that after a gap of 54 years County cricket would have been played
at Spytty Park, in Newport. That's the result of dedication and hard work....
'The Impossible
Dream,' fulfilled!

Mike and Dave Knight Ring the Bell to Start the Afternoon Session,
on the 1st Day of the County Championship Match
between Glamorgan and Gloucestershire
'The Impossible Dream,' fulfilled!

It was an honour to be chosen to be Commonwealth Baton carriers, as the Queen's Baton Relay
passed through Newport, on its way to Australia for the opening of the Commonwealth Games,
in Australia in 2017. but the latest award is a much more personal honour.
The award of a British Empire Medal, is fantastic for us and great recognition for all the hard 
work over many
years, but our work hasn’t stopped yet. THE COVID pandemic has caused a
huge problem for the Club, with the
recent loss of our Winter training facility at NISV, with the
Cricket Hall being converted into a Fitness Room and
unlikely to be used for Cricket in the future.

All of the major achievements gained in the last twenty five years were
all honed during the winter
training programmes in the Indoor Cricket Hall, and its loss is a massive obstacle for the
Club to
overcome. It’s disappointing to see our good work put on hold, and with little Cricket played in Schools,
we’re really
worried about the future of Cricket in Newport, as parents can’t be expected to drive
to Ebbw Vale (the nearest indoor
centre) for their children to practice their Cricket in the winter.
In spite of another major challenge to overcome, we remain committed to the youngsters of 
Newport and hope that
sometime in the near future, we can get support from people to continue
our good work and safeguard the future of
Cricket in Newport.
We'd like to thank everyone who has helped us along our journey so far, and look forward to further 
support in the future. We still faces major challenges ahead..... Our work is far from finished'.


Mike & Dave Carrying the Commonwealth Games Baton as it was carried through Newport 
prior to the 2017 Commonwealth games in Australia