Newport CC On-Line Shop

January 2024

Newport CC On-Line Shop

Final Shopping Window 
Opens on January 29th, 2024 - Closes on February 16th, 2024
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Click on the link below to access The Shop

Kit Order Update

For those people who've already made their 2024 Kit Order before Xmas - your order is progressing 
well and is on schedule for a February delivery.

New Ordering Window

For various reasons, a number of people didn't make their order before Xmas, so a 2nd (and final) 
ordering window will be open from Monday 29th Jan - Friday 16th February. All kit orders (existing garments 
and new items available) must be made through the Club's new on-line shop during the 3 week 'open' period. 
Items ordered in the 2nd window will be delivered at the beginning of April. 

There will be no further online orders after this window

Watch this space - the link to the on-line shop, together with full details will be sent soon.