Out Now! ...... Newport Cricket Club's - 'Better Batting' App

January 2014

Newport Cricket Club have teamed up with top technicians at Sportsviz to produce a 
new Cricket Batting App.
Improve your Batting Skills by Downloading the App from the Apple App Store.

Newport Cricket Club Head Coach, Mike Knight worked closely with the Sportsviz team to produce 
the top quality coaching aid which gives aspiring batsman the chance to improve their game using
a series of coaching videos. Mike first describes the techniques involved in the upcoming video
and these techniques are then demonstrated at full speed and in slow motion.

Knight said, 'The new App focuses on the technical aspects of the various batting shots, identifying
key coaching points and is an ideal instant reference to help coaches and players'

The App gives a comprehensive guide to each batting shot and the different methods used by
batsmen when playing against different types of bowlers eg 'Playing Against Spin' covers :-
i. Moving to the ball.
ii. Hitting over the top
iii. Sweep Shot
iv. Paddle Sweep
v. Reverse Sweep
vi. Slog Sweep

The Batting Videos available are outlined in the image below.
Click on the image to find details of how to download the App onto your iphone/ipad from the
iTunes App store.

Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for 
iPhone 5.