Mike Clayden Dares To Win!

January 2014

Newport Cricket Club captain for 2014 Mike Clayden, 
appears on the National Lottery Quiz Show 'Who Dares Wins', 
this coming Saturday, (February 1st), at 8.30pm.

Mike, who successfully enters many local quizes in and around the Newport area, 
finally decided to apply to appear on the National Lottery Quiz Show 'Who Dares Wins'. 
Having been accepted for auditions, he spent several days filming in Glasgow before Christmas, 
waiting for his chance to appear on the show.

Nick Knowles hosts the National Lottery quiz where two teams of strangers play against each other 
to complete a series of lists and win up to £100,000.

Tune in at 8.30pm on BBC 1 on Saturday to see how he gets on!