Rodney Parade (Sale)

1987 - 1990
The Battle To Save Rodney Parade

With the onset of Rugby Professionalism (Officially), Newport Athletic Club was 
money fast and saw a quick sale of the cricket ground as a potential saviour.

Over the course of several years, the Athletic Club's Management Committee was taken over 
by the Rugby Club and the writing was on the wall for the Historic Cricket Ground.
The Battle had been raging for several years, but it was in the late 1980's that things started
to take a turn for the worse.


By May 1987 the Athletic Club, had made it's intentions clear. The original idea, of being a major 
sports club catering for many sports had long since disappeared. With several of the original
sports sections of the club being forced out, the famous Newport Athletic Club was by now, little
more than a Rugby and Bowls Club. The Management Committee's intention to sell the Cricket
Ground was the next step in their efforts to create a Rugby powerhouse from the proceeds of a

The Battle 'Hots Up'
The Cricket Ground was on prime land adjoining the Rugby ground, close to the town centre and 
developers and councils clammered to secure the purchase.

Sale of Cricket Ground Inevitable!

Despite strong protests by many the sale of the ground was inevitable.















(May 22nd 1988) County Cricket Returns To Rodney Parade.
Glamorgan CCC v Derbyshire (Refuge Assurance 40 over Sunday League)
In 1988. Glamorgan were celebrating their own Centenary and decided to visit many of their 
'out grounds' to mark the occasion. With the 'Death Knell' looming it was a fitting time to play
at Rodney Parade, a ground they had not played First Class cricket on for 23 years.

Work on the Seating Around the Ground is Underway!

Some of The Work Force

The Ground looks In Great Shape!

Rodney Parade Pavilion Before The Glamorgan v Derbyshire Match

The Game Takes Place

World Great, Michael Holding - Batting!

The Match Report

The club won many new friends leading upto and after the match and had continued to forge 
good relationships with many parties, including the Town Council and another 1st Class match
was planned for 1989.

Success! .....Glamorgan Agree to Another Match Next Year

But ..... Another Setback!
Despite the game being a major success, played in front of a large crowd, sadly the days of 
cricket at Rodney Parade were coming to an end.

(May 7th 1989)
Glamorgan CCC v Gloucestershire (Refuge Assurance 40 over Sunday League)

Groundsman, Mike Grace

The Marquee at the Glamorgan v Gloucestershire match

The Voluntary Work Force Takes A Break

Done Deal!
However, it was not long before the 'Deal was Done'! Gwent County Council made a Compulsory 
Purchase Order on the ground and bought it for close to £1 Million, to build a replacement for
Maindee Primary School.

The Club was given 2 year's grace to continue playing on the ground, while plans were finalised 
to build the new school.

'The Final Countdown'
Every game on the now doomed ground was treated like a Cup Final and the ground had never 
looked better in all its history.
A very strong Newport team were sweeping all before them, but the icing on the cake was the
announcement that Glamorgan would play one final game on the famous ground against 
Yorkshire....... What a way to go!

(June 24th1990)
Glamorgan CCC v Yorkshire (Refuge Assurance 40 over Sunday League)

Who Could Forget The Heavy Roller!

Who Could Forget The Groundsman - Mike Grace!

Newport's Glamorgan 'Stars'
With Newport's Glamorgan left arm spinner, Phil North missing out on last year's Glamorgan 
match v Derbyshire at Rodney Parade, a similar fate was bestowed on Newport's other
Glamorgan player, the popular wicket keeper Martin Roberts this time.
The Final First Class Match at Rodney Parade Approaches.
The Day of the Game!
The Final First Class Match at Rodney Parade
Glamorgan CCC v Yorkshire (Refuge Assurance 40 over Sunday League)
In 1990, Glamorgan returned to Rodney Parade for the last time and it was fitting that one of the 
'All Time Greats' and 'Legend' of the game Viv Richards would tread the sacred turf during it's last
season of cricket.

'Viv's Back'
Viv was playing for a very successful Glamorgan team and no doubt recalled the previous time 
he had played on the ground, way back in 1973 as a youngster, learning his trade for Lansdown
playing against Newport (see Scorecard in the 175 Year History Section).

The Match Is To Be Televised Live on BBC

A View of The TV Gantry

A View of the Ground From The TV Gantry
Rodney Parade (From the Power Station End) - The Night Before The Match

Covers On ..... Ready For The Big Match!

A View of Rodney Parade (From the Pavilion End)

The Day of the Game ..... A Damp Squib
Unfortunately, the game was abandoned without a ball being bowled as rain ruined the final 
'The Gods are shedding one final tear for the ground,' quipped Club President and Newport 
legend, Bill Jones.

The Umpires Inspect The Ground

Hope? ..... The Covers Are Taken Off

No Hope! ...... It Rains Again & The Water Hog Takes Over!

Game Over!

Match Abandoned! ....... without a Ball Being Bowled

Looking Back At Over 120 Years of Cricket At Rodney Parade
Broken Promises!
As the bulldozers moved in and the dust settled on Rodney Parade, the Cricket Club were left 
to pursue new pastures and after lengthy discussions with the Town Council a new site at
Spytty Park was identified.
Despite initial promises of a Compensation by the Athletic Club Officers, this did not materialise
and the Cricket Club were left to relocate without a penny!

Still to this day, the rugby dominated Athletic Club has offered no financial
assistance or support to the Cricket Club!