Spytty Park (New Clubhouse)

February 1991
Plans For The Clubhouse Unveiled
With the new ground at Spytty Park taking shape, plans were focussing on the new 
Clubhouse at the ground.
Exciting new plans were unveiled in February 1991 to
build a new Clubhouse for Newport Cricket Club /
Sports Association.

Artist's Impression of the new Clubhouse

Fund Raising Packages Launched To Businesses In Newport

Graham Kingston and 'Cornerstone' Estate Agents, Provide the First Donation

January 1992
Work Begins on the new Clubhouse at Spytty Park

Newport Mayor, Harry Williams Cuts the First Turf

The Bulldozers Move In

Laying The Foundations

The Foundations are Completed

'Buy A Brick' Fund Raising Scheme

The Brickwork Begins

Ground Level Work Completed

A View From Outside the Building

The Interior Work Is Beginning To Take Shape

Work On The Roof Begins

The Roof And Clock Tower Progress

Work on the the Roof and Clock Tower Completed

Nearly Finished

Thanks To All Our Major Sponsors

Wednesday, March 10th, 1993
The Official Opening of the New Clubhouse at Spytty Park